War and Treaty, Trace Adkins will play Memorial Day Concert in Washington


Trace Atkins Jodi Messina and Yolanda Adams are among the performers for the Memorial Day concert in Washington on Sunday, and marches are a letter with a preview. Joe mantegna and Gary Sinise will host the Memorial Day concert on the national mall, one of the performers Michael charter junior of the war and treaty is a military veteran. He says, while some people have barbecues and open the pools on Memorial Day, he wishes they think harder about what the day means. Christmas won't matter. Thanksgiving doesn't matter. Veterans Day doesn't matter any other holiday that we have or freedoms and customs that we have. It doesn't matter without the men and women who serve to protect those freedoms. Mary McCormick, SEP the merkerson and dule hill will lead tributes the concert will air live on PBS stations

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