Chirping sounds lead airport officials to bag filled with smuggled parrot eggs


Baby parrots seized from a smuggler are being cared for in Florida. A bag filled with smuggled parrot eggs was found at the Miami international airport, since hatching in March, 24 parrots are being cared for by the rare species conservatory foundation. His birds are curious. They're loving, they're sweet. Their babies. Everything's developing in front of your eyes. And they're beautiful little creatures. It was the hatchlings faint chirping inside a carry on bag at the airport that brought them to the attention of a customs and border protection officer. Doctor Paul reylo of the conservatory says a vast majority of parrot trafficking cases and in tragedy, Paris live a long time, they are sentient creatures. They're highly intelligent, very social, and these guys deserve a chance. The question will be, where will they wind up? Reylo is working with the fish and wildlife service on a plan to have the birds fly free and help restore their species in the wild. I'm Ed Donahue.

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