AP Religion Roundup interview on a Chicago church abuse investigation


This week's AP religion roundup. The archbishop of Chicago wants more information from the Illinois attorney general about newly uncovered cases of abuse. In an interview with The Associated Press, archbishop blaze sewage urged the attorney general to provide information about 125 newly uncovered cases of priests, who sexually abused minors. It really does highlight the terrible tragedy that took place in so many lives by priest who acted to responsibly, but also leaders in the church who did not respond appropriately. Cardinal sewage says he would gladly include the cases on his list of credibly accused clergy if the claims were substantiated. In his first interview, since the report was released, the cardinal expressed surprise that the report contained names he had never heard of. We are genuinely perplexed by the use of the word undisclosed reports because as far as we know and we verified this also with the state's attorney, we have gone ahead and been very careful about making sure that any accusation any allegation of sexual abuse of someone in the church has been reported to the state's attorneys. The nearly 700 page report said investigators found that more than 450 Catholic clergy and Illinois 6 diocese had sexually abused nearly 2000 children since 1950. It depicted the problem as far worse than the hierarchy had acknowledged in 2018 at the start of the state's review. The newly revealed cases wouldn't necessarily have been handled by the archdiocese, but rather the religious orders were the pre served. During the 5 years, we have constantly asked the attorney general. If you come across any accusations that have been substantiated, that we don't have who are religious orders or others, please tell us, and we will look into it and do it. So we were surprised by the new names on there. We thought we had that kind of relationship with the attorney general. And so our disappointed that we're hearing these for the first time. Super acknowledged that the report laid barrow problem in the way the Catholic Church has handled abuse cases. Religious orders such as the Jesuits franciscans and Maris often escaped scrutiny since they keep personnel files on their priests, not the diocese and leadership. I'm Walter ratliff.

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