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Those big market movies we're seeing and the likes of doc martin's well as we'll have a full check on the markets for you next. this is bloomberg daybreak you're a global regulated banks have risen the capital levels from two trillion to six trillion so we're in a strong position banks are resilient the uk in itself is quite a challenged economy at the moment there is no financial center in the world that is as broad and deep as london we have huge potential as an economy in the uk so many opportunities to invest and grow bloomberg bloomberg radio it's just coming up to eight thirty a m in london i'm lizzie burden and i'm steven carroll says bloomberg daybreak europe we check the markets for you all day long here on bloomberg radio and in the wake of that u debt .s ceiling deal passing the house it seems to be crisis averted investors are shifting their focus on whether to the fed hikes again in june so here in europe 30 minutes into the start of cash equity trading you've got the stock 600 up three quarters of a percent the footsie 100 up half a percent there's kat kahant up eight tenths of percent and the dax in frankfurt up nine tenths of percent break the european stocks down by

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