House debt ceiling vote nears to avert default with Biden and McCarthy both confident of passage


President Biden and House speaker Kevin McCarthy are both confident that debt ceiling and budget cuts package they negotiated will pass while working to shore up support. McCarthy's facing strong conservative pushback but insists he has enough votes to pass the bill. Everybody has a right to their own opinion, but on history, I'd want to be here with this bill today. Number two house Democrat Catherine Clark says it's unclear how many Republicans will be there with him. And the fact that it is still an open question. Clark says Democrats are unified, but some progressives are unhappy with new work requirements for older Americans receiving food aid. Still. I think things are going as planned. Hours before leaving for Colorado, the president sent top officials to capital hill to boost support before the vote. By the time I land, the Congress will have acted the hospital of actin, and when we want step closer. Sagar Meghani, Washington.

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