Caller: Don't Forget What Donald Trump Has Done for Republicans


Am really upset that we just forgot about what he has done for us over so many years and all these other campaigns. I mean, he raises money for us. He does so much. But the thing about it is I look at Trump as experience. I mean, he doesn't have to start in The White House and work for somebody to tell him what to do. He already knows what to do. He will clean this swamp up and then we can have somebody like Ron or anybody else in there to finish the job. I just, it's always great talking to you Todd, I just want to put my opinion in. Donovan, I'm glad you did. And look, I don't think there are any right or wrong answers here. I think there's a lot of frustration and you hear people. I don't think they're love of Trump has been impacted. The question now, and a lot of this, a lot of this is influenced by the massive media coverage and the negativity. And the bigger problem now, Donovan, is that it's coming from Fox News channel and breitbart. I had to say something on that issue right there. You brought a good point up. I listened to all those different channels, just I used to spend a young Republicans years ago, so I'm kind of, I kind of like elections and stuff. And I noticed that everybody was going for Ron down in Florida all of a sudden trying to knock out Trump. Of course, they're going to do that because Trump knows what to do. Look, folks, we need to keep Trump. If Trump wants to run, I haven't done all of he wants to run again or not. He might want to be a House speaker. But the point is, if he wants to run, we need to stand behind him because he has done great things and look what's going on right now. The last two years has been disastrous for us all. Yeah, this

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