UN weather report: Climate woes bad and getting worse faster


The United Nations warns of worsening global warming as world leaders gather for key climate talks Envoys gather in the Egyptian seaside resort of Sharm el Sheik for a UN convention on climate change amid the war in Ukraine high inflation food shortages and an energy crunch This comes as the UN's weather agencies annual report shows shocking new data The sea level rise in the past ten years is double what it was in the 1990s rising by .2 inches per year and is opening speech outgoing conference president alok Sharma said that countries had made considerable progress at their last meeting in Glasgow but more has to be done How many more wake-up calls Does the world do world leaders actually need A third of Pakistan underwater The worst flooding in Nigeria in a decade this year the worst drought in 500 years in Europe in a thousand years in the U.S. and the worst on record in China Over 120 world leaders will attend the talks but the absence of Chinese presidents Xi Jinping and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi two of the world's biggest polluters means many are doubtful on whether the talks could result in any major deals to cut emissions long term I'm Naomi Shannon

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