Closing Arguments Are Underway in the Oath Keepers Sedition Trial


Closing arguments are underway in the oath keepers sedition trial. And I haven't been watching the trial, but I'm keeping track of a sort of running account of it. That is it's been covered by two or three different people, including our friend Julie Kelly. And quite clearly what the government is doing and this does not surprise me at all, is giving a completely distorted picture of what was happening. Now, we have an adversary judicial system. So the prosecution is going to do this to the defense's job to counter it. But let's go through some of the claims that they're making in their closing statements because I think they're on the face of it. Exaggerated, if not, in some cases absurd. So the first one is they called for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. Now that part I think is true because you're talking about people who are given to a hyperbolic rhetoric. Oh yeah, so we're gonna, this is, you know, we're gonna have a new American Revolution. So there is this kind of language. Granted, it by itself does not amount to any kind of conspiracy of heated rhetoric by itself amounted to sedition. You'd have to lock up half the country at some point or the other. What disturbs me more is when they say things like, here's the government. This is the Biden DoJ. They brought their weapons with them. Now the implication here is that the old keepers brought their weapons to Washington, D.C., but that is not true. They brought their weapons to Virginia and they left them in a hotel room or hotel rooms in Virginia, where it is legal to have those weapons. They were very conscious. Listen, we are not going to take our weapons where we will be an illegal possession of them in Washington, D.C.. So you can't have an insurrection in my view without weapons. If you take the weapons and you leave them in another state, what you don't have access to them, the statement they brought their weapons with them is false.

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