Martha Zoller: The Early Voting Looks Good for Herschel Walker


You would think that he would have done well in those red areas so that he could campaign in places like metro Atlanta and pick up some of those independent voters. If you look at the map by county, basically from I 20 south, he only ran two points behind Brian Kemp. From I 20 north, not counting the metro counties, but like when you get up into north Georgia in hall county in Dawson county and Cherokee county and union county and oconee county and Walton county, he ran like 6 points behind governor Kemp, all the rest of the counties up there he ran about four points behind. So he had a lot of work to do, but gosh, the early voting looks good, and then tomorrow they're predicting rain. So I don't know what that'll do to the turnout. But we'll just have to see. But I think we'll know fairly early how this is going to come out. Like 10 o'clock. So Martha, so people in those counties, they went and they voted for Brian Kemp, but are you saying they did not vote for rehearsal walker? Right. That's correct. Wow, any indication, I mean, has the campaign been given any indication why that is and what they need to fix that for this runoff? Well, there were roughly 200,000 voters that did not vote for Herschel Walker that voted for Brian Kemp. But the gap between walker and Warnock was only 35,000 votes. And you know, if I'm Rafael Warnock and I out my opponent four to one, and I only got 35,000 of those more, I would be unhappy about that. He knows that he's got an uphill battle both Warnock and walker. Polls are saying 52, 48, but ten years ago, we had three week runoff the last several. They've been 9 week runoffs. I don't think anybody knows what a four week runoff looks like Todd. So what I'm saying is get out the vote. It's in your polling place that you have to vote. It's not where the early voting was. Get out and vote. Don't assume your neighbor is going to do it. Get out and vote and bring your Friends and neighbors with you.

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