How Fossil Fuels Can Help Address Climate Change With Alex Epstein


I mean, one of the varying genius points you make, which I really like is, you know, there are people who defend fossil fuels and they do it by minimizing or just poo pooing the notion of climate change. What you say in the book is look, I'm not denying climate change, but I am making the point that fossil fuels can help us to deal with climate change. In other words, you know, it's not necessarily the idea of like, let's try to blot out the sun, not prevent the sun's rays from getting to the earth. There's actually a more sensible way to deal with climate change. how fossil fuels paradoxically can help address climate change. It's even I'm glad you brought that up. It's even stronger than that because if we start with reality, which is how you began this whole interview, the reality is that human beings are far safer from climate than we've ever been. And this seems insane if you look at the news, but it seems obvious if you look in practice. Like would you rather live in the winter a hundred years ago or now? Would you rather live in the summer, a hundred years ago or now? Would you rather live through a storm a hundred years ago or now? And what you get is that wait, there's our climate conditions. That's one thing. And then there's our ability to master those conditions. And what matters the most is our ability to master it. And we can quantify this. We have climate related disaster death statistics that tell us how many people are dying of extreme heat, extreme cold storms, floods, wildfires, et cetera. And those deaths, this is shocking to people and it was shocking to me when I learned it. But those deaths are down 98% in the last hundred years,

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