UN rights body deplores Iran crackdown, establishes probe


The UN Human Rights Council has voted to condemn the bloody crackdown on protests in Iran and to set up an investigation into the alleged abuses. The resolution put forward by both Germany and Iceland was backed by 25 nations, Germany's foreign minister and Elena said regime that uses this power to violate the rights of its own people is violating the values of our United Nations. The protests were triggered by the death more than two months ago of 22 year old Mars amini, while in the custody of the morality police for violating a strictly enforced Islamic dress code, Iran's representative at the meeting, Karim, said her death was being investigated by Iranian authorities before the west started to meddle into Iran's internal affairs. Before the formal announcement of the probe analysis, the biased and hasty reaction are the number of western authorities and their interventions in internal affairs of Iran turned the peaceful assemblies into riots and violence. I'm Karen Chammas

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