A highlight from EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - NASCAR Driver Ross Chastain

The Final Lap


On the final app with us once again is Ross Chastain. Welcome back to the show. All right, for you, anything earth shattering, mind-blowing, crazy going on in your life right now? It's in a while year of my life as you just go back a calendar year to transition to track house, but definitely this last week then, you know, all of our goals and hopes and dreams are attainable and to be 80 day and go through this for the first time is incredible. So yeah, we did something last Sunday that got some clicks and some views online. That's pretty awesome. It's pretty awesome to watch as a fan as a media member. I mean, for me, it looked like you were out there playing chess and everyone else was stumbling around playing candy land. It was that intense. That different that next level. Well, I do know how to play chess, which might surprise people, but yeah, look at this, you got to think far ahead and plan your move and be able to react in the moment and this was just a pure thought that popped into my head on the final lap and I confirmed that we were not going to make the transfer if I didn't pass through cars and only way in my mind that I could was to try what I tried and for some reason it worked. So it wasn't this elaborate pre planned premeditated

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