Club Q Shooting Is About Guns Not Red Flag Laws Says Glenn Kirschner


Not the happiest subject to start with, obviously, because clearly all the talk is about this latest tragedy. Predictable tragedy in Colorado, right? Talk to us a minute just about the red flag laws failing to, this guy apparently legally purchased this AR-15. Just talk to us about your initial thoughts on what's happened. Yeah, so red flag laws allow law enforcement authorities to temporarily seize weapons from somebody if they believe that person poses a demonstrable danger to others. What we are learning in the aftermath of the club Q shooting is that this gunman apparently had made bomb threats. He was charged with kidnapping and menacing. Now, what we have, what I have seen reported as those charges were dropped and apparently the record was sealed. So whether this was truly a failure of red flag laws or not, you know, we'll have to wait to hear more about that. But, you know, this is all about guns. It's not about mental health. It's not about frankly red flag laws. It's all about guns and the Republicans, as we know, will continue to worship at the altar of virtually unrestricted access to weapons of war, assault rifles, and they'll continue to let the blood money flow into their campaign coffers until we rise up and say we're not going to take it anymore.

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