A highlight from TFLW - What is the biggest NASCAR News Story this week?

The Final Lap


Is great. Yeah, yeah, I mean, we've kind of seen a few big key things in the Cup Series kind of fall a couple of the big dominoes have now fallen this week. And I think we're going to have a better idea how things are going to look next year. All right, before we get into that, let's run down the final Cup Series driver standings for 2022. We'll run them down 16 to one because those were the playoff drivers. That's a smooth idea. I like that. I've got the list here so that you just roll with it. Alex Bowman at number 16 obviously concussion. Dropped him in the standings. Yeah, that's a bomber. He did have the win early in the year at Las Vegas and looked like he had kind of regained a little bit of his momentum going in to the playoffs there, but ultimately the concussion knocked him out. We've got to Kevin Harvick with a historically bad finish. 15th is

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