Pastor Paul Chappell: What's the Faith-Base of Those 12 Republicans?


Have a list. This is a freshly updated list of Republican senators who are supporting this, and all of these folks, by the way, were just like Barack Obama and one of them in particular was staunchly opposed to same sex marriage. That would be Mitt Romney of Utah, who now supports the bill, also Tom tillis of North Carolina, rob Portman of Ohio and Susan Collins of Maine, a Lisa Murkowski is hinting that she will support this along with senators, let's see here. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, telling Business Insider that she was keeping an open mind about the bill. So you could have more Republican senators joining the Democrats pastor. Yes, that's a concern. And I always, as a pastor, I always ask myself, what's the faith base of the individual making that vote, what's going on at their home church? Because it usually influences them. And then the second thing is who are their donors. And there's a lot of money that comes from this crowd. What they're all saying is that this was passed at the Supreme Court level. We're just agreeing with the Supreme Court. But that's not exactly as I understand it true. This is an opportunity for them to be what our founders intended. It checks and balances in how far this law is codified and how much of a nuisance it becomes to the faith community. And so at the very least, they need to consider language in the in this that excludes religious organizations and I've yet to hear about that. Well,

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