Police in Mexico spot dog with human arm in its mouth


Police in Mexico spotted a dog with a human arm in his mouth I'm Lisa dwyer Police in southern Mexico say they detected a dismembered human body after spotting a dog trotting down the street with a human arm in its mouth It's the third time in the last month the canines have been seen in Mexico trotting off with human body parts Police in the southern state of Oaxaca said they responded to a call in the state capitol about a black dog carrying the human arm State prosecutors later said the discovery led them to find other parts of a dismembered body In late October residents of another town in north central Mexico saw a dog running down the street with the human head in its mouth In that case the head and other body parts had been left in an automatic teller booth alongside a message referring to a drug cartel but before police could act a stray dog made off with the corpse's head

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