A highlight from #162: Holidays Traditions List


We're also sharing some mindset tips for renovating and getting into cooking for the very first time. Okay, Emma, burning question. So we all know that you just moved in to your house that you were remodeling for most of this year, so tell us how you're feeling and how it is in your new green kitchen. Yes, I love our new kitchen. So I think I've talked about some in other episodes, but now that's reality. I'll tell you some more things. So obviously I got my hidden trash because if you thought I was gonna get that. How did it feel for the first time when you opened it up? Was it like a redemption moment? Oh, I had also a panic moment because I thought it was gonna be in this one spot when I planned it with the cabinet guy. And then it ended up being somewhere else just because of spacing reasons. So I had this moment when it all went in where I was like, wait a second. Where's the hidden trash? Did that get cut? And no, it didn't. It's right by the sink. It's fine. It's just like, no, it happened again. But no, we have hidden trash. That one's not that would not be okay. I would have cried. Would you be the dumbest reason to cry? No, no, no, no. Everyone's on your team and everyone knows this is actually the most important priority to you in the kitchen. I really like it, okay? And so also our kitchen, what we're aiming for with it is for it to be very minimal and streamlined as far as the look of it. To me, that's part of it with hidden trash. Is it's just it minimizes any clutter. You don't have to have a trash can out. So another thing we did is we have the same backsplash as our countertops. So our countertops are this kind of white quartz and then the backsplash is also a white quartz. So they're literally the same material and they were made by the same person cut by the same person installed by the same person. And to me, I like that look, I've seen another houses, but also I just love how simple it is instead of having a tile backsplash, so it's like a different material from your countertops. It's just all one thing. So I love that. There's also like a good amount of outlets in the kitchen, which is important to me. I use a lot of small appliances. So that's a big deal. It has a huge sink, which is great because I make a ton of dishes 'cause I love cooking. And it's like a black ceramic sink, so it's not gonna scratch and scuff. I've had that happen in the past, and that's always a bummer. So I really like this. And I want to say, I think, oh, I got a panel ready dishwasher, so that's a dishwasher where you can put your cabinet front on the front of it. So again, kind of trying to go for that sleek, minimal, just less visual clutter. So he kind of blends in more. It has its own handle, so like, you can tell where it is, but it blends in more than other appliances too. And it's just a look that I like and I was really excited to have it in our kitchen. And we also have these big cabinets that function as our pantry. We didn't have a pantry all at our last house, and so now we do. And they are already full of all sorts of snacks for Oscar. And then other things too. But yeah, I have a whole baking section where all my baking stuff is, not just like the ingredients like flour and sugar and all that, but also like all my cookie cutters and all my random piping bags and different things like that. So they're just all in one place and easy to find and easy to grab and it just makes me so happy. I definitely still like we're still in the move in process. In my mind it takes at least a few months, so there's still a certain level of organization that I want to bring to the kitchen drawers and cabinets that's not quite there yet. I feel like you have to kind of live in the space a little bit to realize like, oh, I'm always pulling open this drawer thinking it has this. That's a good idea to swap that. Before you spend money getting all the containers and little inserts and stuff to just see if you like feel like the layout is functional like the spot. Yep, exactly because I hate buying those containers and then I end up changing it and then I'm like, oh, I guess I'll text my Friends and see if anyone wants. It's just kind of silly, so I'm like, okay, we're going to live with it this way for a minute, see what we think. Now we're getting to a place where I'm like, okay, I feel like I know like, yes, this is going to be the silverware drawer, the flatware dwarf for sure. It feels like a good spot. We're not going to change it. So now I'm going to order some more, make it a little more organized because it's kind of half organized at the moment. Nice. Well, that all sounds wonderful. I'm so happy for you. And yeah, I can't wait to see it when you're all subtle, and I can't wait to come visit for the first time. So yes, I can't wait for you to see it. Then you can tell me what's wrong with my kitchen. Like I always do you. She does. Oh my gosh. Okay, so this is, it's basically our holiday bucket list episode, but I called it holiday traditions list just to make it different. But actually I learned recently I did took some questions from podcast listeners on Instagram and so many people said I would love listening even if you did the bucket list episode every single week and I was like okay, thank you for that because it is our favorite thing to do and I feel like it hopefully is an exercise that we're all doing together so hopefully you're also making your list every single one of you that you can do because this is such a meaningful exercise to just get a little more magic out of every single season. I love it. Okay, so Emma, do you want me to go first? What's on my holiday bucket list? Yeah, or we could go back and forth. Back and forth. Okay, okay, so my first one is I have never done this before. This is like ultimate Pinterest mom thing that like, you know, I don't know, but if I set it up and I didn't use it, I would feel like it was a huge waste. If I set it up and I use it like three times a week for all of November and December, then it's like a wonderful magical thing. So I'm gonna make a hot chocolate bar for my kids. Like an epic one of big one. With all the stuff and let them make hot chocolate, pretty much as much as they want, but probably a couple times a week. We'll do it. And my kids really, really like hot chocolate, and I think the little decorations and stuff, it's really just like one trip to the store, get all the little decorations, put them in cute jars, put it all on a tray, but for some reason, it's just something that I've never done in years past, so I'm excited to try it and see if it feels like a thing that's like contributing big magic or if it feels

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