Electric vehicles take center stage at pared-back Paris show


Jeep has unveiled its first fully electric vehicle at the Paris motor show This is a very special moment for the Jeep brand Jeep is promising an all electric SUV with a range of 248 miles The Jeep avenger for bahi concept G CEO Christian monier says the company will be putting more electric vehicles on the road By 2025 we'll have four zero emission vehicles in Europe And by 2030 100% of Jeep brand sales in Europe are expected to be fully electric supporting the Stellantis carbon net zero targets Stellantis is the company resulting from the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA group The auto show in Paris is underway after four year absence because of the coronavirus pandemic President Emmanuel Macron has set a goal of producing 1 million electric cars in France by 2027 I'm Ed Donahue

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