Semafor news site makes its debut intent on reinventing news


Look out axios and Politico there's another startup news platform in town Some of four the website's background is the yellow color of aging newspaper the headlines hail from around the world semaphore a new site that launched today is the brainchild of Ben Smith a former media columnist at The New York Times and Justin Smith formerly with Bloomberg media who says they're excited about the chance to offer an independent global news brand obsessed with solving consumer frustrations seen in the news business primarily polarization semaphore aims to structure stories to make clear what is news and what is reporter analysis or opinion The site offers 8 newsletters focused on media Washington and other topics as well as an events business which is already hosted several talks including a series on trust in news that featured Ben smith's interview with Tucker Carlson The site is free the founders are seeking advertisers and partnerships but say the ultimate goal is a subscription model Jennifer King Washington

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