Steve Gill: Predictions for Election Results, Favoring Republicans


Think the trendlines are in favor of a red wave or possibly a red tsunami as I think Republicans clearly take the house. I think at this point, I would think we end up with 52 48 in the Senate, maybe even more. The trendlines are in the right direction, but it all turns out with what happens. With turnout over the next over the next week, you've got a couple of days of early voting in some states. And I think Republicans have to win most of those seats by a wide enough margin that they can not be stolen. We've already had incidents reported where 250,000 ballots are being shipped out to people who are not eligible to vote in some of these blue states. We know that they've been artful in steaming close elections in the past. I think we've got a fear of the same thing that could tamp down the way that could be building. The best indication though Todd is it's sort of like a where's Waldo. I think Kamala Harris is pictures on a milk carton right now as people are wondering, where is Kamala? She was doing a get out the vote event this weekend. In Massachusetts, not in a battleground state. Not in a battleground district, but in a state that has no tough races because they're having to hide her. Joe Biden's up in Delaware apparently groping his granddaughter as they go both. Oh my gosh, did you see that that was disgusting? Oh my gosh, Steve Gil. How long does it take to put on a I voted sticker on the chest of an 18 year old girl that involves you having to continually press it down and mash it down on her breast to make sure it sticks appropriately, but they're hiding them, you're not seeing Democrats going into these battleground areas. In fact, they're moving money out of out of races where it looks like Republicans may be winning and putting them into districts that should be safe. I think the Republicans pick up three maybe four net gain governor races. I think we picked up control of the Senate and the House.

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