Dinesh Reviews Biden's Desperate Last-Minute Appeal


I want to talk about Biden's speech last night, a last minute pug nation and to many people desperate last minute attempt to save the Democrats in the midterms. And how do you save the Democrats in the midterms? Well, you can't save the Democrats now by pointing to issues. Biden has no record to run on. He can't say, well, listen, I've done a great job on gas prices. I've done a great job on food prices and on inflation. I've done an excellent job with the economy. He tried some of that, but it was sheer misinformation. At one point, he goes, Gauss prices were $5 when I came in. No, they weren't. And by the way, Twitter has started running some fact checks on Biden. Last 'cause it's a forest. Normally, these guys get away with the most outrageous lies and they're never fact checked. So it's kind of a reminder that Democrats that they want content moderation. This kind of cuts both ways. Now, a Biden speech, even before the speech, they were putting out the word The White House wise. We're going to be defending the democracy. And the press secretary was asked about this. And she said, yeah, he's going to call this out. We're seeing an attack on our democracy and the president has been very clear. We need to protect our democracy. We need to strengthen our democracy. And then someone, one of the reporters asked, well, are you saying that it is against our democracy to vote for a Republican? And this press secretary is unbelievably dumb. So she was like frozen, like the deer in the headlights. But then she goes, we're talking about maga Republicans, maga Republican officials who have been then she goes on to talk about the big lie. And so on, well, wait a minute. The maga phenomenon is now the mainstream part of the Republican Party. This is well known people who Trump endorsed are more likely to win the primaries. So in a sense or answer the question is yes, because who are the non maga Republicans? Well, I guess you could say Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. So basically what the Democrats are saying is we want to control opposition.

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