'Welcome to Crazy Town' With Eric and John Zmirak


To crazy town. I'm not going to John's mere trying to process the crazy. We were just talking about Donald Trump letting people into his life, whom he ought not to let into his life. And I think he never admits he's made a mistake or it's almost like a policy with him, don't apologize. Most of which I agree with actually because in many cases, when you do that, people just attack you more. But I will say this. You know, you have to consider to whom your apologizing if it's the woke mob that's slathering for blood, you know, you let it go. But when it comes to the neocons that he appointed, this is 6 years ago, I don't believe he understood what he was facing. I don't understand that he understood he's facing a deep state, a uni party people that are really basically against him and they're kind of coming on board almost to manage him and to make sure he can't achieve his agenda and to some extent he has spoken out against a number of them. But in any event, we have to go back to Nick Fuentes because this is the other end of the spectrum. This is somebody that Trump never never, never ought to have allowed to, you know, have a photo or a dinner. He needs to have a better filter. My fear, okay? My fear is that this terrible mistake of inviting this pitiful incel weirdo next fun days. That this will simply be used by the rhinos in his own entourage and family and circle, the rhinos who do surround him, this will be used to keep out real conservatives. So this will be used to limit the influence of somebody great like Steve Bannon or Mike lyndell or you because this will get you what this does is it feeds into the narrative that there is this dangerous far right movement out there. And we have to avoid being tarred by it, okay? Donald, we can't be tarred by association with this growing dangerous movement. None of which is true. Nick Fuentes is not leader of a dangerous movement. He is a cult figure for a small number of disaffected 20 year olds with nothing better to do than watch videos that make Holocaust jokes

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