Airplane crash in Gulf of Mexico leaves 2 dead, 1 missing


Two people are confirmed dead and authorities are searching for a third person after a private plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast. The plane crash happened Saturday night, but a search for the rented single engine piper Cherokee didn't begin until around 10 a.m. Sunday, when the plane had not returned to the airport where it had left in St. Petersburg, Florida, a spokesperson in Venice, Florida says recreational boaters found the body of a woman floating about two and a half miles west of the Venice shore, and divers from the Sarasota county sheriff's office located the plains wreckage, about a third of a mile off shore, directly west of the Venice airport, the body of a girl was found in the plains passenger area, and rescuers are searching for a third person, believed to be a man who was either the pilot or a passenger. I'm Donna water

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