A highlight from Applying Computer Vision and Computer Listening in Manufacturing - with Remi Duquette of Maya HTT

AI in Business


Business podcast where non technical professionals stay ahead of the AI curve. If you do not want to learn to write python, but you do want to identify high ROI projects and help to steer an AI strategy, you found yourself in the right place. In this episode, we're going to be talking about computer vision, often when people think about computer vision, they imagine what a human being's eyeballs would look at, and they say, okay, what could we use for AI to look at the same things a human would look for? Maybe we're looking for someone moving in surveillance footage. In today's case, we're looking at manufacturing. So maybe we want to examine possible defects and some manufactured product the same way a human being would. Well, as it turns out, machines can look at things in ways that human beings can't. I'm talking about infrared and other kinds of cameras that do not model the human eye, but might be able to pick up on things the human eye can not. In addition, we talk about machine listening that is to say, how can we use audio data to determine what might be going wrong in the manufacturing process. And again, this goes beyond what the human ear can listen to. This episode gives us a lot of different jumping off points into where computer vision and audio might make the difference, including going beyond how humans are currently diagnosing our machines. Our guests this week for this in depth and interesting topic is none other than Remy Duquette. Remy has been with us in the past, Remy leads artificial intelligence at Maya HTT, Maya is an AI services firm. And Remy has previously joined us on episodes about improving throughput and improving quality with AI in manufacturing today. We are focusing on the tools of the job, vision, and listening, and be able to go beyond the human senses, to be able to drive results in predictive maintenance and improving quality in the manufacturing process. This episode is brought to you by Maya HTT to learn more about reaching emerge as global audience for your AI products or services, stay tuned to the end of this episode. Without further ado, let's fly in. So he's fun to talk to Remy

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