Kevin McCullough Is Calling Out Career Politicians


Are calling out the career politicians like Mitch McConnell. I guess you have a better view of Kevin McCarthy. But I guess my question is, why doesn't somebody like Kevin McCarthy talk about voter fraud? Why does he, I just think it's such an offense against this nation that we would allow malfeasance that we would allow that kind of corruption. It's hard for me to process, hard for me not to get angry when I see lying and cheating and people not saying anything. But full disclosure on mister McCarthy, not only do we share the same initials. But at that singer, your boss and mine at the Salem news channel released an editorial just this weekend about why Kevin McCarthy is not a rhino. And if there's anybody in all of America that would know this, it would be at at stinger who has basically mentored in shepherd Kevin McCarthy from the time he entered California politics as a local congressman, a 150 years ago. It's much shorter than that. Well, everybody knows I love Eddie. I'm just saying they don't way back. But then just tell him because he had a lot of good guys, let's say he's got competing caucuses. So he's going to have several caucuses that are going to give him trouble in a very narrowly. Well, this is why I'm asking the question. I want to understand what was going on. This is going to compose about 80 members. So if he's at two 20, that's going to be the largest caucus total. Then you're going to have the freedom caucus, which is going to vote most of the time in the same step with the mega caucus. You're also going to have the moderate caucus, which is going to be about 40 people. Now, they're not going to be able to get legislation done. Or much of anything else done unless they have that caucus voting with them on things.

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