Senate passes bill to protect same-sex and interracial marriage


, thank you, Paul and Matt, the house is voting next week on the same sex marriage bill that was passed by the Senate yesterday, now Maine senator Susan Collins is one of the dozen Republicans who joined with Democrats in approving the respect for marriage act. We have taken steps to advance the cause of marriage equality for same sex couples and for interracial couples. Main senator Susan Collins tells the globe that the 1996 defense of marriage act needed to be repealed. The flu is sending more children to the hospital than it has in more than a decade. Severe cases of RSV overloaded children's hospitals in the past few months, and now flu cases have more than doubled. Flu hospitalizations among children reached 13 per 100,000, and the CDC says that's a high not seeing this early in the season since 2009. Public health officials have been warning of a triple demic with flu RSV and COVID-19, all circulating at once, but instead it looks like now hospitals are facing wave after wave for the foreseeable future. A federal jury in Washington has convicted the leader of the right wing oath keepers group of seditious conspiracy over the U.S. capitol riot back in January of 2021, Stewart Rhodes was found guilty of three charges, defense attorney Philip linder says his team is disappointed with that guilty verdict. There was no evidence introduced to indicate that there was a plan

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