Mitch McConnell joins Republicans to denounce Donald Trump's dinner with white supremacist


It did stop short of announcing mandates. Oathkeeper leader Stuart Rhodes has been convicted of seditious conspiracy for his role in the January 6th insurrection. The leadership of the Republican Party is further distancing itself from Donald Trump today, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, are having said having dinner with anybody who is a white supremacist or anti semi is not acceptable to the Republican Party. NATO ministers meet in Bucharest looking for a way to help Ukraine with military and energy needs and China has launched three astronauts to its newly completed space station, 6 month mission. Let's go through the World Cup again. A Group B, U.S. has taken out Iran one zero England dumbs England three nil in group a Netherlands over Qatar, two nil and Senegal, oust Ecuador, two one. In San Francisco, Ahmed Baxter, this is Bloomberg, all right, Brian. All right, thanks very much. It's time for the daybreak Asia media and tea leaves review, taking a look at some of these stories in the Chinese press yesterday

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