Breitbart Labels Andy Biggs as 'Far Right,' Supporting Kevin McCarthy


Breitbart is has clearly made a break from Donald Trump. And they've decided to throw their lot with Ron DeSantis. And look, that's great. It's okay to like both guys. I, for one, like both guys, I like Donald Trump. I like Ron DeSantis. That doesn't make me a bad human being. One of these days, Ron DeSantis is going to be president of the United States. It may be 2024, it may be 2028, but one day he's going to be president of the United States. But the issue now facing a lot of Republicans is who they're going to be voting for. When it comes to the speakership. And breitbart is throwing down a gauntlet. And they're saying that Kevin McCarthy has to be elected Speaker of the House, and if he doesn't, then the Democrats could gain control and could stage a takeover. Now, we've had Andy Biggs on this program. What I find fascinating is that breitbart is now referring to Andy Biggs, the congressman from Arizona. The former chairman of the House freedom caucus, a position now held by Scott Perry. They're calling Andy Biggs far right. This is breitbart. Breitbart is actually further to the right than anybody else. So who are they? Why are they out there and they're using it as a smear? This is not a compliment. They're using it as a smear. So Kevin McCarthy was on newsmax TV last night. With our buddy Sean Spicer. And Kevin McCarthy said, and it's a warning that if Republican members play games, the Democrats may end up picking the next house speaker.

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