Warnock, Walker pivot to overtime in Georgia Senate contest


Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker are pivoting to the second round of their race in Georgia Party leaders and donors aren't waiting to see if George's December 6th Senate runoff will determine control of the Senate the Democrats Senate campaign arm announced a $7 million investment in field operations for senator Raphael Warnock Are you ready to do this one more time We're not held a rally in Atlanta where he said the former football star was unqualified and voiced confidence in the outcome We know how to win a run off Herschel Walker urged supporters at a rally in canton Georgia Thursday to help him get out the vote We got the BT men the time to put the 18 men Even Lawson leading a political action committee in support of walker says their messages elect a check on Joe Biden Lawson's pack will focus on the GOP base the 200,000 voters who supported governor Brian Kemp but not walker and the 350,000 voters who backed Trump two years ago but didn't vote in the 2021 runoff the Democrats won I'm Jennifer King

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