Trump nudges Danny Tarkanian from Senate race into House race


Backpack full of methamphetamine or heroin to come in and illegally take jobs in my country if you come instead to the american consulate in any big mexican city and you say why i would like to come and visit your country you can visit just don't overstay your visa if you want to emigrate to the united states you can do that as well go put your application in and get in line behind everyone else who got in line ahead of you that's the difference here is it nancy pelosi seems to think thirty feet really nancy pelosi would have a thirty foot wall if that's what it took to protect her and her husband and their family by the way denny tarquini is going to be joining me later on this hour to talk about why he decided to switch his run from running for the united states senate to running for the house of representatives and yet his departure from the senate race his being characterizes this cavein that somehow he's giving up the president of the united states himself urged danny tar canaan to say don't run for the senate against dean heller not the biggest dean heller fan i can tell you that and you've heard me say that before i've talked to senator heller before but some of his positions on the issues on just not crazy about if he's going to run for the house and said good for danny tarquini and by the way a bridge expert later on this hour is going to give me the latest on what might have been behind the collapse of that pedestrian bridge in miami that has taken at least six lives and perhaps more and you won't believe how many people got food stamps in the first year of president donald trump by the way take a moment and cast a.

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