The White House’s shameless statement on Kellyanne Conway’s Hatch Act violations


To influence partisan elections the white house reaction today to the offices special counsel's eleven page report detailing and proving that kellyanne conway violated the law was simply to say we don't believe it this is the second time a white house employee has been found in violation of the haczek the first was dance gabino the white house director of social media the office of special council is not empowered to discipline white house staffers who violate the hatch act that discipline is left to the president and of course president trump has no discipline himself and imposes no discipline on anyone else working in the chaos white house the trump white house has staffers who break the law and get caught in nothing happens to them it has a communications director who co wrote hugely complimentary white house statements about her boyfriend after her boyfriend was exposed as having been accused of domestic violence by both of his previous wives it has a chief of staff who bombastically an angrily lied about a black woman member of congress got caught in those lies and refused to apologise for those lies and after lying about cars when frederic wilson john kelly actually went so far as to say he had nothing to apologize for and no member of the white house staff has ever been caught publicly lying more wildly more recklessly then john kelly did in that case but it's the trump white house and working in the trump white house means never having to say you're sorry not for lying not for lying about a woman not for lying about a black woman member of congress and so from from the top down from donald trump through john kelly and his predecessor runs priebus and sean spicer and steve bannon the director of social media all the way down two kellyanne conway who has no known function in the white house the whole team participates in and contributes to lying and chaos every single day because donald trump attacks and hires the very worst people for those jobs.

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