Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0: Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane send Reds into second

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And stronger next year and then we retreat again like somebody said all you got to get to me the other day to be careful chelsea might i'll make the champions eagles like great like fantastic if we're not going to make the champions league is like europa league i don't mind being out of it last season when we won the premier league which was great to win the premier league we one in the champions league it does help thus help you have a bit more energy chelsea comes down to it wiped zone wax overly much approach the approach roads liverpool to newcastle nil yo can clubside spoils former reds manager rafael benitez returns rand field goals in reverse and nishel twins most saleh and saudi oh man they give the anfield faithful i get an ms and them give the anfield faithful a routine win and put a sevenpoint cushion between their side and fifthplaced chelsea you you reverse initial twinsies d m david moyes that feed more one of his truck seats for you could wear i saw diego maradona i'll take him as well here's mine jeffery please listen to eliminate or at least pathetic beer and and roaches good morning bill i am the roads well approach might reverse twin initial yoga as brendan road with diego maradona my speed animal y k liverpool's front three against newcastle's well drilled by five and a row the fat marks until the foyer of minute the oaks you can play arson and the joy of the ox in this liverpool side is just the directness picking the ball failed running at the cure panicking defenders claim most sell it the what he does nutmegged goals thirty that the season is cotino missed wisey macy's not messed carry us strong german risked when called upon his release on his confidence which he picked up from a puddle around this toes from last season and i think a fascinating story in the shadow of liverpool's goalscoring assassins but new less remarkable at second goal clot porn dave knows one of those amazing two runs it it just didn't look like anything to place running down the centre sort of center insideleft channel you play the ball on the ball wide that's what you do in football now is amazing and monet infamy note combining and then at.

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