Polish president seemingly rejected call from Tillerson on Holocaust law


Centers where healing begins this report seven hundred sixty wjr news ken rogulski president trump has fired secretary of state rex tillerson president trump has fired secretary of state rex tillerson in a tweet the president thanked tillerson for his service and said that cia director mike pompeo would take over as secretary of state the president also announced in the tweet that he's naming deputy cia director gina hospital as the new head of the agency she's been with the spy agency for more than thirty years and would be the first woman in that position jerry bolander washington again president trump has ousted secretary of state rex tillerson mike pompeo will be the new secretary of state gina hess bowl will be the news cia director and the president on the white house lawn just moments ago wished tech a secretary tillerson well authorities in texas believed three package bombings are all related police in austin say there's evidence suggesting the same person sent the parcel bombs to all three people correspondent nick watt report two of the victims are connected to the victims knew each other the stepfather and the grandfather knew each other that's a connection they are now looking into the three package bombs left on the doorstep in the suburban neighborhood of exploded less than two weeks apart killing two people and mooning to more the two occurred monday and then to the other two on march the second all the victims were minorities police received unexpected packages and austin people are telling police if they get one to handle them carefully or call nine one one.

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