NYC helicopter company had 3 crashes in 11 years


The new york senator says a helicopter company in sunday's crash should not be flying correspondent warm levinson reports new york senator chuck schumer says the operating certificate of liberty helicopter the company that owned the chopper in sunday's fatal crash should have its operating certificate suspended while the incident is investigated no one knows what's happened i don't think liberty should be flying until we get to the bottom of this schumer noted the companies had three crashes in the last ten years five passengers died when the sightseeing helicopter crashed into the east river capsized and sank fire department rescuers say the victims were strapped into their seats in a way that they couldn't free themselves warren levinson new york we mal investigators in austin texas believe a package bomb that killed a teenager and wounded a woman in austin is linked to a similar bombing that killed demand elsewhere in the city this month investigators say they're considering with i'm bruce veil with your money now president trump's tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum could push car prices higher by a few hundred dollars analysts said morningstar predict the price of a car will rise one percent overall due to the tariffs based on its conversations with ford and general motors car prices have been steadily increasing in recent years has buyers flocked to more expensive and more tech savvy pickups and suvs any further price increases could be tougher customers to swallow potentially hurting.

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