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Became an unrestricted free agent last week when the rams decided not to place the franchise tag on him opting instead to keep quarterback lamarcus joyner rams also lost corner tremaine johnson who agreed to a deal with the jets but the team did resign nickell robey coleman to a three year deal worth sixteen million a nice pay day for the former usc stand out on the ice king's in arizona taking on the coyotes and thanks to their shutout win last night kings are now third in the place in the pacific appoint ahead of the ducks finally they were calling me once olympic goalie matty really became a national hero at the winter games after her shootout sade clinched a gold medal for team usa against candida shortly after the game someone change rooney's position on her wikipedia page to united states secretary of defense this week ruining posted this on her instagram page not received from the actual secretary of defense jim mathis congratulating her on winning the gold for one secretary of defense to another that is pretty cool this has been sports desk everyone i'm calling williams in the nbc four newsroom here's a look at some of the stories we're working on right now for the news at eleven we of course following the president as he makes his way across the los angeles area tonight including stops in beverly hills and downtown la we're covering as well the protests and the support popping up along route that's coming your way tonight on the nbc four news at eleven chuck caroline back to you all right thanks calling well the los angeles county board of supervisors is looking into ways to strengthen gun control laws today the board voted unanimously to explore options for regulating firearms include restricting sales to anyone under the age of twenty one banning fifty caliber handguns and also banning gun sales near schools thousands of shoes are on display outside the us capitol is a temporary memorial to children killed by gun violence it's called the monument for our kids it's made up of about seven thousand pairs of shoes each representing a child killed with a gun since the sandy hook massacre in two thousand twelve organizers say they wanted to bring the call for gun control to congress's doorstep the thought of my sons growing up without me inspired me to.

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