Teen girl shot at Maryland school 'brain dead,' life support to end, mother says


High temperatures lead to things like inflammation and insulin resistance it's eight minutes in front of the hour on this morning jennifer kushinka is back with more of america's first news gordon china's urging the us to pull back from the brink as president transplants for tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars in chinese goods move the world's two largest economies closer to a trade war the escalating tensions between beijing and washington are spooking financial markets as investors foresee dire consequences for the global economy if trade barriers started going up president trump says china is in the wrong be the start of making trade with china more fair was so far down and our presidents frankly our past president should never have allowed this to happen the dow industrial skit at seven hundred twenty four points yesterday and worries about a global trade war a teenage girl who was shot when a classmate opened fire inside their maryland high school is brain dead and being removed from life support melissa willie told reporters last night her daughter has no life left in her we're grateful for the care that have gotten here in in high school gene was shot tuesday by seventeen year old austin rollins at great mills high school in saint mary's county rollins died after shooting willie the two had been in a relationship that recently ended a powerful storm in california that swelled rivers flooded streets and triggered water rescues throughout the state is on its last gasp the three day storm spared communities repeater the deadly debris flows following a deluge earlier this year but it did dump record rainfall in some parts and unleash flooding that led to dramatic rescues from los angeles all the way to some some four hundred miles to the north loyola chicago and its world famous none are heading to the elite eight after the ramblers knocked out nevada sixty eight to six hundred sixty nine to sixty eight in the men's ncaa tournament last night kansas state's also moving on after knocking off kentucky case day coach bruce weber spoke after his team sixty one to fifty eight win different quotes one was vince lombardi about point to exhaustion and laying on the floor you know victoria's and i hope they took that to heart but the other one was about doing all the little things added up that's how you get a victory horse there florida state and michigan also are moving on.

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