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At your severe weather station news radio six ten wtvn senators taking a hard look at cia director mike pompeo president trump's nominee for secretary of state's during a senate confirmation hearing pompeo talked about his military service and played down claims that he is a hawk or a hard liner he said he understands the value of diplomacy and the terror and tragedy that is war pompeo vowed to engage in diplomacy and model the very best of america to the world new jersey democrat bob menendez criticized president trump's approach to foreign policy americans scared that this president the commander in chaos will lead them into war this is not a time for taunts and tweets pompeo has run the cia for more than a year on capitol hill i'm terry moore nbc news radio a former doorman at trump tower reportedly confirming the national enquirer paid him thirty thousand dollars for a story about an alleged affair between donald trump and his former housekeeper story was never published know juden claims the affair produced a child in the nineteen eighties there is no independent verification of his claims something went wrong that assessment from cincinnati police chief elliott isaac about the death of a teenage boy trapped by a minivan bench seat sixteen year old kyle plush called nine one one twice tuesday afternoon office research the private school parking lot finding nothing family member responded to the parking lot at fifty four hundred red bank and located the gold honda odyssey van which was unlocked and inside the vehicle kyle was located not breathing unresponsive isaac is directing an internal police investigation and the hamilton county prosecutors also investigating the death was reportedly due to his fixation from a chest compression the ohio house has taken action to combat bullying in schools lawmakers in the ohio house voted to pass the ohio anti bullying and hazing act representative dave greenspan a westlake republican is the bills primary sponsor it's my hope that the districts are able to within their own framework address incorrect the behavior and hopefully stop the bullying that we're seeing within our schools representative dan ramos lorraine democrats spoke about how he was bullied in school representative kent smith a euclid democrat contends house bill three sixty falls short of protecting lgbtq youth at the state house jared adler news radio six ten wtvn wtvn.

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