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Rideshare giant announced it will begin annual criminal background checks on its drivers they will also add a nine one one button inside the uber app and also easier ways for riders to share their location with family and friends well strawberries topped the list for most pesticide residues a study by the environmental working group finds it a third of all strawberry samples had at least ten pesticides spinach was number two with ninety seven percent of samples containing pesticides rounding out the top five nectarines apples and grapes organic food buyers will soon know more about what they're eating starting this summer additional labels will be added to organic foods with details like if it was grown in soil inspectors will certify the details and farms will be adding the labels ever notice it serious chronic pain in your neck well that smartphone may be the blame more and more patients are now being treated for what's come to be known as text neck cynthia newsom has more for years this is the way brendan buyer looked at his cell phone head down sometimes reading for hours and it cost him started filling a lot of tense ness in my neck dole kind of pain up in the top of my neck right below the skull and it's really stiff give really hard to move my neck like back and forth this is his mother and father are chiropractors when my dad was starting to adjust me and he gave me different types of exercises tenderness right there steph steph up here as well now he's getting checked at cleveland university kansas city health center for a condition commonly called text neck bending your neck too far for too long when you go to thirty degrees you're putting about forty pounds of force on the upper back and you can say just jumps up quite a bit at sixty degrees you're putting sixty pounds of force on the upper back sixty pounds is like putting three twenty pound bowling ball's on your neck triggering neck pain back pain and headaches so dr pepper said the first thing we need to be concerned about is our posture make sure we're sitting up straight and instead of looking down at your cell phone and he did definitely hold it up and just have a.

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