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Yeah i like i should throw in red wine on my own couch at someone for no fucking reason ruined my own couch just by one i would just be like i'm really drunk and i'm homesick a wait i'm home oh i'm just drunk like i don't know yeah you know you live you learn but you lane gregan ranch i love vegan ranch and i liked the frigging vegetarian food that and the begin options as well then i tried you just like france the i mean that's true any type of ranch yeah did you see the thing that chrissy teigen posted which thing i oh see about ranch tell me you were tagged in a bunch of them we were all tacked on money chrissy teigen and the other day like roads there needs to be like a set of rules of like what makes like the right ranch like not to watery not too thick not to dylan not to some things and i wrote back and said hidden valley and then she proceeded at some point i saw like the next day to say that hidden valley is trash unless it's just like the pack packet i actually i'm here to say i complete i don't think trash it's just the packet of hidden valley ranch when you make it yourself is like orgasms because either ranji so good way made that's why all that seasoning but the pit valley seasoning is like there's nothing i've ever tasted that so good as that seasoning but in their bottled ranch it doesn't taste like that i like i like it it's just not just.

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