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Ronda Rousey’s WWE in-ring debut is at WrestleMania


Returning daniel bryan teaming up with shane mcmahon to take on kevin sammy's zane this is an interesting match daniel bryan and shane mcmahon favored at minus one ninety i'm going with the upset at plus one fifty kevin owens and sammy's ain't thanks to a heel turn by shane mcmahon oh okay very good all right so that's that's a good pay out there all right decent pay out their next one another taxing match this one from roy mixed tag team match the debut of rowdy ronda rousey teaming up with olympic gold medalist kurt angle to take on the power couple of triple h and stephanie mcmahon rousey and kurt angle are huge favorites is minus eight twenty five is a monster thing the but i can't see rowzee losing her first match and wwe so i'm gonna lay that down it's a hefty price to pay but i got a late night so mike mayor likes the team of ronda rousey and kurt angle on match number three for mike man match number three's for the intercontinental championship a triple threat match between three favorites of this show or at least one favorite from this show seth rollins is going to be challenging the ms and finn ballard for the intercontinental championship fin ballard interestingly one of the challengers is the favourite at minus one thirty i'm going with the champion the miz from cleveland at plus three sixty to retain his title he's a new father i think he gets a feel good moment after just having his kid last so you think the ms who just had a kid they wouldn't use this for him to go on a little paternity leave they could have him win and then lose the next night on roy that's a good good pale man i like the ballsy pick all right next up on mike mayors wrestlemainia gambling right now we get to the championship matches the big championship matches they're calling it a dream match it's aj styles who i consider to be one of the best wrestlers in the world against shinsegei nakimora they're calling this a dream they're having it on the big stage of wrestlemainia aj styles is the champion he's the underdog at plus three fifteen nakimora minus four forty five won the royal rumble i'm going with aj styles to retain at plus three fifteen to pull the.

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Ronda Rousey’s WWE in-ring debut is at WrestleMania

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