2 Dead in Münster, Germany, After Truck Driver Crashes Into Crowd


Equipment to the texas mexico border to the west zone is sending one hundred fifty guardsmen to its section of the border the governor of new mexico has criticized the president's use to the military for immigration enforcement and california's jerry brown has all but refused to cooperate jim ryan abc news dallas in germany the state interior ministry saying at least three people are dead in the city of munster after a delivery van crashed into a crowd the driver among the dead after he killed himself at least twenty people injured authorities say a german newspaper believe that the driver had no terrorist motive he had a history of psychological issues while there are reports that epa administrator scott pruitt had to make the case to keep his job during a white house meeting with president trump friday officially the president is showing his support for pruitt despite questions about high travel expenses renting a room from the wife of washington lobbyists and giving employees raises without the white house is knowing abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd says pruitt may have brought this on himself he's actually started the political fire himself he's got a problem on whether or not this room was rented at any sort of market rate that was unjustified to who actually gave in staff the salary increases and three all of this stuff related to expensive travel and everything surrounding it so if this is a smear it was actually started by the epa administrator himself but the administration is saying that the allegations are efforts to smear him you're listening to abc news have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boss and saying i quit and how would you like to commute to work without ever leaving your home will not long ago a thirty nine year old entrepreneur from billionaire family spent twenty million dollars in three years to find the.

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