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City that changes the world this is cagey oh san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of k oh eighteen cumulus station now on amazon alexa open the k g o eight tenths gill good evening i'm nikki medoro president trump taking initial steps to prepare for a possible interview with special counsel robert muller correspondent pamela brown says the proceedings still at the beginning stage while the president has not formally agreed to a sit down interview with muller these preparations underway are a sign that the president's legal team is intensifying deliberations over whether to allow him to come under robert muller's questioning and it's the clearest sign yet the trump and his team remain open to the possibility of an interview with mahler and mondays looming deadline on stormy daniels case putting pressure on the president and his attorney trump previously said he was unaware of the one hundred thirty thousand dollar payment made to silence daniels correspondent sara side nurses daniels lawyers thinks they may be to their advantage avenue ati says trump's admission that he knew nothing and steered reporters to his attorney michael cohen bolster stormy daniels case with a monday deadline looming trump's attorney is now requesting more time to respond to daniels lawsuit asking a federal judge for thirty more days in hopes the judge will send the case to arbitration before then and as you know stormy daniels suing president trump for a confidentiality agreement she claims he never signed attorney general jeff sessions so will apparently show no mercy when it comes to illegal immigrants he ordered a zero tolerance policy that emphasizes on charging people who illegally crossed the border from mexico the first time previously first time offenders were charged with no more than a misdemeanor and trump signed a memo that specifies steps and the catch and release policies the administration is targeting these policies after a setback on congress's progress on moving forward with proposed immigration regulations traffic and weather next on top quality floors at rock bottom prices come to floor and decor you're getting an incredible product for an amazing price and that's hard to be hardwoods laminate tile or stone holy smokes places huge i'm on a budget and i was able to go to flow into four and save a lot of money.

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