Governors could be powerless to deny Trump troop request


The news watch never stops wbz news time seven o'clock good morning we have overcast skies and thirty seven degrees in boston temperature going up to a high of forty seven today traffic and weather together coming up i'm charlie sherman wbz news our top story four hundred national guard troops from arizona and texas heading to the mexican border in response to president trump's directive the president has called for up to four thousand troops to prevent illegal immigration and drug trafficking we get more from kbc kcbs televisions dave ryan troops will provide reconnaissance operational and logistic support and will construct border infrastructure according to the associated press former arizona governor jan brewer says the guard will be a great help at the border they can be the is in the years of the border patrol they go off and cherry picker type and they can see down the border the governors of california and new mexico have so far not announced they'll participate in the national guard border support mission texas will be sending two hundred and fifty troops by monday while arizona says it's sending one hundred and fifty next week new hampshire governor chris sununu says his state has been contacted regarding the deployment of national guard troops from the grand state to the mexican border and the republican governors office is not saying whether they would comply with the request a spokesman for governor sununu said sending troops will depend on the details of the specific request he is the first republican governor not to publicly take a stand on the plan federal reserve chairman jerome powell says some business executives have begun to express concerns to fed officials about the.

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