Dressmaking Led Elizabeth Keckley From Slavery to the White House


Do you want to play walt disney of course i want to play walt disney why wouldn't i it's said great you start next week so lots of time to prepare for that one fantastic yeah but that when you know the the book was a red more like a bibliography really i if i don't recommended as a read unless you want to know like all the research and the and the hardware store receipts in uh the neighbors addresses in what he was just trying timothy sustain who wrote it was just trying to prove that he no he found all this information and included his sources yeah along the way in diane disney miller wrote the forward so it's the first ever story about walt that is approved by the disney family as opposed to nieto gambits uh you know who liked a kind of like try to push that went off you know like the whole like disney being frozen as sure share things like that so i in fact there's a joke that that's why they made frozen and now when you search walt disney frozen you come up with the movie and not with nail that camera art historian that's pretty good i believe it though yeah i believe that because there was another film named frozen that came out like the year before it was little in the uh kind of thrill as every yeah it's a movie about three teenagers who get stuck on a ski lift in the middle of the night and and those those little place the whole place take take oh movie takes place on a ski lift yeah i is super low budget and yet it's the three kids stuck up on a on a ski lift like of forty foot drop or whatever and yet middle of the night in its first there's no one there and there too how do they get down and then they were a wolves evidently i'm the only person who's in knows that that movie exists and of course when i saw them advertising frozen i was like is this another jack frost situation that's a where there was a horror movie named jack frost and then there's the family jack frost i was like why do they keep doing this you're gonna bruins in children whose parents casually by the wrong dvd on amazon now here's a question for you sam are.

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