Starbucks coffee in California must have cancer warning, judge says


California now has to come with cancer warning it's a long list of cairn a lot with nonfat milk and a long tube with the list i'm talking about is california's list of cancer causing chemicals about which consumers must be warned acrylamide is now on that list it's a chemical produced when coffee beans are roasted coffee companies like starbucks tried to argue the chemical should not be on the list because it's a natural result of the cooking of the beans and the amount is insignificant but a los angeles superior court judge has ruled that coffee consumers must be warned that it's in their cup along with that nonfat milk jim roope los angeles yeah thanks president trump is tweeting about amazon saying the company pays little or no taxes to state and local government and causes what he calls a tremendous loss for the postal service or this correspondent reports that the president's attacks are now affecting amazon stock prices are spoke there are worried that if donald trump goes after amazon either through through antitrust enforcement or some sort of tax rule change that this is going to really hit the company hard in sports clemson football fans quarterback kelly bryant says he's not going anywhere he says everyone can just keep talking about the upcoming season but he says no one should write him off yet that he's just going to keep on working the n double the nc double a basketball tournament continues tomorrow the final four play loyal in michigan later on it's kansas versus villanova you know next weekend is the cooper river bridge run can't believe it's already here w tma news time seven thirty four plan looks like the chickens from that russian collusion thing coming home to roost on the department of justice and the fbi later today on the chris plante show chris plans after the tma morning show at wc the big talker twelve fifty wt tma i'm john quincy along with henry savage from pm see mortgage hey henry how you doing good morning john how are you sir happy good friday same to you and hope.

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