The toughest questions for the NCAA tournament selection committee


Ncaa tournament my question to you is worthy do look at where do you placed teams such as kentucky and also what about um oh there there was someone else uh what about arizona where do you see them finishing off in the corner met this where this year also two things thank you for the call and pittsburgh of 937 a film it's funny you bring those two things up i was just going to talk about it that you know jerry palm at cbs sports dot com the bracket algis in his latest one tonight i assume he'll do another one in the morning he had kentucky as a fiveseat arizona as a four arizona the usc kentucky and like they they could bump up that's why the arizona could bump up to three kentucky could bump up to a four the drama is in about the 1 seed i think they're set with villanova kansas virginia and xavier hits the to line three line four line for seats and kentucky in arizona the question i have above both is that they still have a lot of young kids who are the leading scores the front and center guys and that same thing with duke and come and see the ably tournament time now not conference tournaments were in a you know other teams and see aa tournament time can they get it done but arizona kentucky are on my watch list for sure guaranteed skill to jt in georgia here on the saturday night healed show what we call a lawyer who j t i think pretty good i'd be caught killer will quick story actually do on that particular tom outlook actually are inoculated a td two hundred it's donald r.

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