Trump signs measure aimed at curbing online sex trafficking


Mistrial a new study says global warming is likely slowing and weakening the main atlantic ocean circulation former house speaker john boehner says he has a change of heart on marijuana and will promote its nationwide legalization this is ap radio news president trump signed a new law aimed at curbing sex trafficking we work together we can get the criminal traffickers off our streets and off of the internet we can bring safety and hope to every community across the country and we can create a culture that respects the dignity of every child of god the law weekends a legal shield for on line services that host abusive content including sex trafficking there is a new push by democrats to force epa administrator scott pruitt out i voted against confirming scott pruitt i knew he would work on your mind environmental and public health protections but mr pruitt has been even worse than i expected that is utah democrat tom udall in the senate democrats say the pruitt violated ethics in favor special interests over the public republicans they are standing by the embattled epa administrator i'm ed donahue ap radio news.

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