Feds seize classified ad site Backpage.com over sex trafficking ads


Ordered the cell to drop the apparent weapon but that he refused and shots were fired new york city mayor bill de blasios says police had to make a split decision the cells family says it should have been apparent that he was suffering from a mental illness polly christman for seven ten w our governor cuomo wasn't brooklyn today giving a shout out to the transit workers union during a tour of a subway repair facility i wanna thank the twu and the the women and the men who walked on the subway system union has been running ads blaming mayor blasios for the current subway crisis he's since responded saying the governor is using transportation workers money to campaign for another four years of running the subways meanwhile new york city did kick in four hundred eighteen million dollars this month to pay for half of the mta short term maintenance plan the classified ads website back page appears to have been taken down the site is known for personal ads of the adult variety a recent message on backpage dot com says it's been seen used by the fbi the irs and other agencies as part of an enforcement action federal agents reportedly raided the home of back page founder michael lacey this morning back page has come under scrutiny as authorities investigate sex trafficking and prostitution allegations stemming from the site just last week craigslist removed it's personal ad section and response to these stop enabling sex trafficking act this coming june a six acre park is set to open on the site of the old domino sugar refinery they're calling it as you might expect domino park it'll stretch along the edge of the east river in brooklyn for a quarter mile between grand street and south fifth street near the williamsburg bridge it features the artifact walk an elevated walkway made for machinery salvaged from the sugar plant which operated from eighteen eighty two up until two thousand four sports and weather next w o r news time eight oh four attention investors diversified to real estate for returns of twenty percent with monthly payoffs tax advantages had one hundred percent of cash flow to investors first national.

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