Conditions of ex-Russian spy, daughter improving after nerve agent poisoning


To a new wisconsin policy form report has had a series of long standing financial challenges foreign president rob hankins sees no crisis but says opportunity or the city to increased development and increase its half space but that of course may require some capacity to invest which we're not detecting at the same time they're going to be increased serviceman suggestions really going to also take this region really acting like a region meaning the sharing of pending costs all enjoy future benefits g miller wtmj news the former russian spy who was poisoned in england with the military grade nerve agent is recovering the hospital treating former russian double agent sergei script whole says he's no longer in critical condition and is improving rapidly his daughter julia also poisoned with toxic nerve agent more than a month ago remains hospitalized as well but it said to be getting stronger and talking when they were first taken to the hospital they are unconscious and it was feared neither would survive the incident ignited a major diplomatic crisis between russia and the west cbs larry miller the women's center of waukesha is welcoming an olympic gold medalist aly race men will be in town in a couple of weeks for sexual assault awareness month she'll be here april twenty fifth race men is one of one hundred and fifty survivors of sexual abuse by dr larry nassar who's currently spending life behind bars reported crime sexual assault women's center of waukesha executive director as an cousteau says the metoo movement is encouraging more discussion about sexual assault the fact that more and more people and young people are talking about it and also intergenerational i think we will start to see the bigger changes that are necessary cousteau says there's still a long way to go its not a happy sunshiny pleasant.

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