Menendez brothers, convicted of killing parents in 1989, reunited in prison


The president tweeting this morning despite the aluminum tariffs aluminum prices are down four percent people are surprised i'm not lots of money coming into us copper sorry us coffers in jobs jobs jobs he's talking about new fees on imported steel and aluminum the president's also considering now even more tariffs on chinese products than the ones already proposed in dc fox's rachel sutherland chris president trump threatening to impose one hundred billion dollars more in tariffs on chinese products sam response to beijing's announcements have tariffs on goods from america's heartland the american farm bureau federation says trade disputes farmers in a precarious position white house trade advisor peter navarro says the president has the backs of farmers implement a plan immediately to prevent any harm done to our american farmers republican senator ben sasse of nebraska says the president is threatening to light america's agriculture on fire chris rachel thanks air force one president trump tells reporters he had not known about hush money paid to the porn star stormy daniels his first public comment about her the menendez brothers spending life in prison for murdering their parents in beverly hills in nineteen eighty nine are back together behind bars fifty year old lyle was moved from northern california facility in february two the same san diego prison has forty seven year old eric but they were only moved to the same housing unit this week the brothers were just eighteen and twenty one when they shot and killed jose and kitty menendez and officials were against the brothers being housed together when they were first convicted but that became possible because lyles security classification was lowered boxes jane fergus palestinian protesters are burning tires of the gaza israel border to block the view of israeli snipers with the smoke on the other side of the fence sixteen palestinians were killed with hundreds wounded during protests last week fox news.

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